Taking public transportation involves a paradox. Everyone riding together while conducting their personal trajectories, alone. Most people have a destination, though they look like they are waiting to see if that place actually exists. It's an expression permeated by the unknown, quietly surrendering to being human and wondering if it is heaven or hell around the corner. Some look like they might be composing a letter, or quite possibly a poem to someone they love immeasurably. They look this way as they gaze into their electronic devices . As they scroll their screens for meaning or look out the window or into space, avoiding eye contact. So much is said without uttering a word when maintaining the unspoken rules of personal space on public transportation.
Sometimes people talk to each other. Perfect Strangers, sharing information. In several different languages. Revealing their humanity. Risking vulnerability. Changing the course of the day. And in the larger scheme of things, their own lives along the way ; alone , together . The hours spent in transit, become a metaphor for ones personal journey through life. Anyone watching this can see the beauty in everyone that boards the bus and what they bring . Reflecting on what is known and what is unknown until its time to go .