One meaning for the word corollary is “something that follows in natural course.” It has it’s roots in botany, relating to the Latin word corōlla, meaning “a small wreath of flowers” which later grew into corōllārium, meaning “a garland given as gift or gratuity.” The meaning and origin of language in connection with the natural world and her processes, mirroring ours, holds my interest here. 

This series began in March 2020, within a universal change of pace and time spent “taking a closer look” around my neighborhood, as we Sheltered in Place in San Francisco. Adding the lived experience of subsequent years, this series aims to convey an identification with transformation, through an expressive investigation of life cycles and the natural world. A corollary of seeking truth and connection in an age of dis-information overload, a love letter to the innovation of flowers, as an artist living in what is thought to be the Anthropocene epoch.